Brunton Shaw UK Rigging Department supplies lifting products and services to a number of markets including constuction, offshore, ports & shipping, steel industry, mining & car lifts.

The services provided are

Socketing Capability up to 90mm (3.5") using either Resin or white metal.

degreasing wire brush socketing

           Swaging Machines from 50 tonne to 1500 tonne covering a range of Aluminium Ferrules from 1.5mm through to 56mm diameter.

Flemish Eyes by Steel Ferrules up to 76mm (3").

Swaged Terminations up to 38mm (1 1/2")

Swaged Endstops ( Button stops) up to 64mm (2 1/2")

swaging swaging1

 Hand Splicing 6 & 8 strand including long splice ropes to 90mm (3.5")

Hand Splicing Multi Strand ropes up to 76mm (3")

hand splicing