Brunton Shaw UK is a successful manufacturer of high quality, high performance wire ropes which are designed to satisfy the technically demanding requirements of the Fishing Industry.  Our range of fishing ropes is designed to suit all kinds of vessels from small inshore coastal vessels, to large trawlers who fish in the deepest and the most challenging ocean conditions. 

For Trawling, the company offers the traditional round strand TRAWLSTAR range of ropes where higher breaking loads are not the primary concern. For more challenging conditions, we recommend the TRAWLMASTER range of compacted strand, high breaking strength ropes which are available in Fibre or Steel core configurations. The TRAWLMASTER range of ropes are constructed with a steel core which is encapsulated in plastic and is especially designed for the most arduous of conditions.

For Purse-Seining, Brunton Shaw UK produces it's TUNASTAR range of round strand ropes as well as the TUNAMASER range of compacted strand high strength ropes. The TUNAMASTER PIR range of ropes are constructed by completely encasing TUNAMASTER rope in plastic in order to provide the ultimate wear resistance. 

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