Brunton Shaw UK offers a full range of rigging services, allowing us to satisfy our customers needs for end fitting of ropes with a variety of hardware and specialist splices. Here below we can demonstrate some of the services which we provide to our customers from our Worksop factory.

Cutting and Coiling

Our rigging shop have the capacity for cutting and coiling ropes from Ø1mm through to Ø 90mm. This facility is used for a number of applications including standard coil lengths of fishing ropes for the European market.

End fittings by Talurit

Our rigging shop have the capacity for rope splicing by Talurit, with a rope diameter range from Ø1mm through to Ø 56mm.

Flemish Eye with Steel Sleeve

We have the capacity for splicing rope by Flemish Eye with a steel sleeve for ropes up to Ø 89mm.


We have the facility in place to perform both hot metal and resin socketing within our rigging shop with a capacity for socketing up to Ø 90mm ropes. This facility is used for a large number of applications including socketing prior to testing on our in-house Test Bed.


Brunton Shaw have an in-house test bed with a current capability of breaking 600T. This can be used for both in-house testing and as an independent test house for third parties. For further information on the availability of the test bed for third party tests please contact our Quality Manager on +44 (0)1909 537 608

Wire and Rope Coating Facility

At Brunton Shaw we have a specialist department for the coating of wire and wire ropes. This department has been involved in coating specialist wires and ropes for a number of customers over the years and also for the in-house coating of our own materials. This allows us to offer a wide range of customised coatings such as Nylon, P.V.C. and Polypropylene in a wide variety of colours to suit almost any application. Our production capacity ranges from Ø1mm to Ø90mm and all enquiries should be directed to our General manager Sales on +44 (0)1909 537 624.