With ordinary plastic coated steel wire rope, individual strands are in direct contact with each other at many points.  Consequently, internal friction and wear results.  Moreover, there is little or no impregnation of plastic into the rope itself which means that, if the plastic coating is cut or abraded, it will peel easily and expose the steel strands to corrosion. 

In Spacelay's patended design, each individual strand is kept apart from its neighbours by the introduction of one or more extra large 'spacer-wires'.  The purpose of the 'spacer-wire' is two fold: it allows full plastic impregnation so that each strand is protected by a wall of plastic and it ensures a complete bond between the inner plastic filler and the outer plastic coating. 

spacelay table

Main Advantages of Spacelay

'Spacelay' is impregnated with a waterproof plastic that effectively withstands abrasion and abusive treatment. 

It is highly resistant to acids, alkalies and salts. 

Each individual strand in 'Spacelay' is protected by a wall of plastic.  There is no friction between the strands as the rope bends and flexes in use; thus the internal wear, found in other ropes, is eliminated. 

As the cross-section of 'Spacelay' is a dense mixture of wire and plastic, it is impossible for dirt or corrosive elements to enter or to travel along the line should the outer plastic coating by cut or abraded. 

'Spacelay' never needs external lubrication thereby considerably reducing maintenance costs. 

The smooth outer surface of 'Spacelay' eliminates the danger of injury due to protruding wires and lessens the possibility of damaging the surface of equipment being handled.