Our range of WINDMAX high strength steel wire ropes are the innovative solution for the renewables and offshore wind markets. 

These ropes are designed and manufactured in close concurrence with our customer base and with a green footprint aiming to further reduce the environmental impact during usage. 

Our WINDMAX wire ropes are available in various constructions, destined for the application at hand.  Our non-rotational constructions focus on optimized stability through enhanced rotational properties.  Our range of multistrand ropes are designed for ultimate endurance, even under the hardest circumstances. 

All our ropes are composed by low tensile, heavily compacted strands, which have proven to be superior in terms of crushing resistance and spooling capability. 

Our range of WINDMAX wire ropes can be lubricated with EAL grease or VGP grease, both being environmentally friendly and compatible with other products for re-lubrication purposes. 

A unique feature within our complete range of WINDMAX wire ropes is our lubrication retention system, specifically developed for the purpose of environmental protection.  This system provides an extra barrier against lubricant bleeding and wash out.  On demand, the lubricant media can be differentiated in order to have an internal core compound and an external "anti-grip" effect.