Brunton Shaw UK manufactures and supplies a complete range of ropes suitable for both underground and surface mining applications.

bsp32For Quarrying and opencast mining, Brunton shaw manufactures a variety of ropes for use on draglines and face-shovel applications. Included in the range are Plastic Impregnated Ropes (PIR), specially developed to combat the arduous conditions encountered in these applications and now accepted for use worldwide in the opencast sector.

The benefits of "PIR" ropes are 

  •  Greatly increased resistance to wear and fatigue.
  •  Longer service life.
  •  Sealed in Lubrication.
  •  Better load bearing and sharing.
  •  Higher resistance to crushing on the drum.
  •  Reduced drum and sheave wear.
  •  Less machine maintenance required.

For Deep Mining more specialised ropes for shaft-winding purposes, balance ropes, etc other stranded rope constructions are also available.

Typical Constructions:-

                     cs35x31                                                           ms24                                                                         

Cross Section of a Balance rope 34x31SFC            Cross Section of a Friction Hoist rope 24x7