26 Nov 2020

In late 2019, Brunton Shaw UK manufactured and supplied a 102mm OCEANMAX35 to an esteemed European customer. 

Working alongside Usha Martin Italia's Global Design Centre throughout the design process, Brunton Shaw UK manufactured one continuous length of 3460m 102mm OCEANMAX35 non-rotating wire rope.  Once the manufacturing was completed and the rope was spooled onto the bespoke designed reel, the next challenge was transporting to Portside.  

20190621 102126

Brunton Shaw UK work alongside some of the most experienced and specialist logistics companies ensures this huge 189 tonne load is secured correctly and will arrive to the Port safely.  

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An overnight movement made sure any disruption to traffic was minimised with the help of South Yorkshire Police Operational Support. 

IMG 0223

After being successfully and safely delivered to the Port it was time to offload the reel from the trailer and onto the vessel.  From the image below you can gauge how large this reel is by using the crew as reference!

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Once loaded onto the vessel, the reel continued its journey to The Netherlands, where De Ruiter Staalkabel b.v. supervised a successful delivery.  The rope will be used as a main hoist wire rope installed into a 250mT Pedestal Mounted Offshore crane.

IMG 9032