Making Our Products More Sustainable

18 Jan 2022

Together with our sister company Usha Martin Italia, we are continuously developing new and innovative ways to make our products more sustainable.

Brunton Shaw recently received extremely positive feedback on one of these developments, from an esteemed customer, whom had been supplied with longer lengths of OCEANMAX35 122mm and 86mm wire ropes.

During 2018 and 2019, the client installed the ropes onboard two of their vessels, one being used as a 500T A&R Winch and the other for use on the main crane. In early 2021 a sample was taken from both ropes to undergo testing and inspecting for quality and technical purposes. Upon further investigation our client found that the system in which we use to retain the lubrication within our ropes had proved effective.

This retention system has been successfully implemented across our ropes used in subsea applications for many years, acting as a barrier to measurably reduce water access to the wire strand core and causing lubrication washout. The barrier results in a well-maintained core, contributing to an extended rope life which is not only cost effective for the client but a more environmentally friendly alternative to wire ropes with plastic impregnated cores.

Brunton Shaw wire ropes used in subsea operations, combine this retention system with lubricants that are not harmful to the surrounding eco system and contribute to improving the ecological footprint of our clients.