Tibetan Adventure Bridge Project

14 Nov 2019

Brunton Shaw UK are able to offer many different high quality wire rope products from our manufacturing facility located in Worksop.

With extensive knowledge and over 130 years’ experience BSUK were proud to win the order to supply the suspension system for the World’s longest adventure bridge located in Italy. Working alongside our sister company and Global Design Centre (GDC), Usha Martin Italia, we were able to design, manufacture and supply a package of non-rotating compacted CRANEMAX M35K plastic impregnated ropes and Spiral Strands.

CRANEMAX M35K are designed and manufactured to very strict technical specifications and offer good shock resistance, high radial stiffness and rotational stability.

The CRANEMAX M35K used for this adventure bridge was plastic impregnated which further offers an enhanced resistance to fleet angle. 



 close up of strands

Spiral Strands are assembly of two or more layers of round wires held helically around a centre usually of a single round wire.  The wires are generally laid in opposite direction layers which is known as contra lay arrangement.

Throughout the design process, Brunton Shaw UK worked closely with the GDC and utilised all experience and resources available to ensure each stage was completed to deadlines. While the ropes were manufactured in Worksop, all sockets and rope-rope connections were designed by Usha Martin Italia to then be assembled by BSUK.

Once all ropes were completed, the fittings were assembled following a procedure that includes measuring, marking, cutting and socketing, the products were then prepared for dispatch.

coils Ensuring all goods leave our warehouse correctly packaged and ready for the journey to our customers, is something our Material Handling team take pride in.

 With completion due for the end of October 2019, we are looking forward to seeing thrill seekers enjoying the Tibetan Bridge, at approximately 600m long and suspended over a canyon, representing the joining between 2 parks.

almost complete